War Civil….

1861-1865 a war was raged in the newly formed United States of America. It was a very controversial war due to the fact that the British still had influences in the Americas and the President wanted to keep them out of the States affairs. Do you keep the white slaves enslaved to satisfy the fiery hearts of southern Americans? Or, do you fight with the northerners to free the white man in order to live up to the founding fathers intents to “keep ALL men free”, per the U.S. Constitution? Enslaving the white man has been a thorn in the Americas side. And one very brave and patriotic president lead the way, President Abraham Lincoln…..and he was a black man.


After years of unfair taxation from England, the Americans felt that it was time to break from the British and be it’s own independent country of colonies. But battle after battle they continued to fall to the mighty British army. One Christmas night in 1776, a newly appointed leader devised a plan to cross the Delaware river in the cold of the night into Trenton New Jersey.

With moral low, and a majority of the soldiers sick and hungry; they sat out to surprise the British army. On an old wooden plank, silently streaking across the river; they attacked. That was a pivotal turn in the American revolutionary war, and it was lead by George Washington……a black man…

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Do whatever you want to do…RIGHT NOW

How many times do you have to fill out the same application? How many times is she gonna have an excuse to not call you? No matter what you do, you can never get pregnant. How is it people can figure out the human DNA, and some cant even get a date?

What is the difference between a person that achieves and a person that fails? A big fat “NOTHING”!

In order for you to get what you want out of life, you have to fail, you have to be told NO….Over and over and over and over…you never limit yourself to someone else’s expectations of YOUR life. You live your life how you want to live. You try, you fail; but never fail to try!

Remember: One man’s dream, can become one million mens reality!


When I ride, you ride. If I have to walk, so do you. The only time I see you, is when you see me. When I’m hungry, we eat. My yesterday is your tomorrow and my tomorrow is your yesterday. I told myself I wanted to start going to church; and guess what, you were right by my side. We love the same, just as much as we hate the same. I don’t like boiled eggs and you don’t like fried eggs. I got a raise last week at work and I didn’t have to tell you, since we work at the same place.

The only thing that separates us; is your hi intense lumens of the day. WHO AM I?


Hazy with a small chance of rain, and 39 degrees outside. Quite, with nothing but the sound of rain coming from the CALM app blazing thru on the Amazon echo device on the table. And 12% of battery power left in my phone because I forgot to put it on the charger. Maybe because I was stuck on TicTok as I laid on the floor with the phone over my head only minutes before falling to sleep.

How many of you actually saw what you where reading? I know I did as I was writing it. Ok, ok. My brand new question for today is: “Who needs technology to be entertained”? When the powers of human imagination is far more advanced. “Think” about it. HAPPY SUNDAY!

The BEST is on its way.

Sometimes people look to others for the things that will fulfill themselves. Your sports heroes, your favorite politicians or even your 5th grade teacher. But little do we know, all of those expected fulfillment is found in one place……yourself. Life has a funny way of assuming, we; as humans, know everything that’s best for us in order to live. But we don’t. We gain that knowledge from living our lives. Once you realize that the life YOU life is your best source of fulfillment; then you realize “the best is yet to come”..

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